GCSE Courses - March 2020

Dear year 11 student,
I know many of you will be feeling confused and worried following the announcement yesterday that GCSEs are being cancelled. The government have sent us this message today:
We will work with the sector and Ofqual to ensure children get the qualifications they need.
We don’t know yet exactly how this will be done but your teachers will ensure that if we are asked for predicted grades you will get credit for all the hard work you have put in so far. We will take into account, mock and test results, coursework and the effort and application you have shown so far.

Remember also that in the future you will be going on to A levels, college courses or apprenticeships so continuing to learn will always be worthwhile.

At the moment, you still need to keep going with your learning as this sort of attitude and structure will help with the challenges ahead. Also, we hope you have enjoyed your learning and your courses; do not lose sight of why you learn. It is not only about the end results, it is the development of you through your hard work as well. This incidentally, is what will help get you, and those around you, through these next few difficult months and propel you into your successes ahead.

With best wishes

The staff of Eastbury School