Sixth Form Handbook

16-19 Bursary

The government has provided Barking and Dagenham, along with other London Boroughs,  a bursary fund to provide to 16-19 year old students in education.

The Southern Consortium and other school sixth forms in Barking and Dagenham will distribute this fund equally to all students registered as in receipt of ‘free school meals’ on joining the sixth form.

A separate bursary is provided to students identified as living independently (in receipt of income support) and or with disabilities.

Please speak to a Southern Consortium Vice Principal for further information regarding the 16-19 bursary and how to apply.


All of the four school sixth forms within the Southern Consortium have specialist and dedicated sixth form areas for their learning environment.

All of the facilities are in purpose built, new or relatively new buildings, and are therefore equipped with state of the art resources.

All students within the Southern Consortium can be confident that there learning will be taking place in the best possible physical environment, with up to the minute resources available for use by both students and staff alike.

Facilities include:

  • Hairdressing salon
  • Health and Beauty suite
  • Media suite
  • Music studio
  • Dance studio
  • Café area
  • Fully equipped private study area
  • Access to gym and Sports Hall
  • A team of dedicated sixth form staff

Consortium Transport

The Consortium provides a friendly and efficient bus service, which is free to students, that moves students at lesson changes between Consortium school sites.

Southern Consortium Induction Activities and Trips

As you would expect, the majority of subject areas within the Southern Consortium provide some learning outside of the classroom setting. These include a wide range of offsite trips.

In-addition to the trips and events experienced as part of the core curriculum, the Southern Consortium take all students on an outdoor activity day as part of their year 12 and year 13 Induction experience.

Year 12 Induction trip to Blackland Farm

Situated in the glorious Sussex countryside, Blackland Farm is a multi-purpose activity centre. It is located on a 120-acre site, comprising woodland and grassed areas.

The day aims to achieve the introduction of students
to one another in a friendly and enjoyable environment, and will also
introduce them to elements of:

  • Working in teams
  • Developing working relationships
  • Co- operation in and between teams
  • Creative problem solving
  • Interpersonal co-operation
  • Organisational skills

Activities include abseiling and high ropes.

Year 13 Induction trip to Stubbers

This action packed day comprising of four 90 minute activity sessions, which is great for building team morale through a day of adventurous activity.

Activities include raft building (n the lake), high ropes, and team problem solving

Study Skills

Every year, all students are provided with the opportunity to participate in a study skills session (from expert providers) to enhance their independent study skills.

Academic Mentor

Each school site within the Southern Consortium has a dedicated sixth form academic mentor.

This member of staff supports students in the development of the skills that are required to succeed academically. These include the further development of literacy skills and independent study skill, as well as organisational skills and exam techniques.

Sixth Form Management Teams

Each school sixth form within the Southern Consortium have a specialist team of staff to ensure the effective day to day running of the sixth form.

This team of staff ensure, through a range of polices, procedure and intervention strategies, that each individual student achieves their full potential during their time with us, and is fully equipped to take the next step, usually to Higher Education and sometimes the World of Work.

Hence the motto “Your Stepping Stone to Success”.