Dear Parents and Carers

A very warm welcome to our Cardiff class web page. We are very excited to have started our new term in Year 2. Everyone is settling into our class rules and routines and we are enjoying all the new and exciting learning opportunities.

We will be adding more information to this page, so watch this space.

Thanks for all your support. Miss Kreeger


Teaching SRE with Confidence
Y2 Curriculum Maps
Cardiff Science – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

We have been learning about the Solar System. In one of our science lessons, we learnt about the earth, moon and sun. We then acted out the orbit pathways showing the earth orbiting the sun and the moon orbiting the earth.

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Spring 1 - Space

In Music we listened to the song ‘Zoom Zoom Zoom and going to the Moon’ and recreated the song with our percussion instruments.


Autumn 2 - Chocolate

Cardiff have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the Chocolate Topic. In Literacy, the class entered the world of Willy Wonka through the book Charlie and The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl and wrote some brilliant character descriptions, letters, newspaper reports and instructions for their own chocolate invention. We also had fun making Rice Krispie cupcakes!

The trip to the chocolate museum was a highlight for all, especially the truffle making! The sessions helped the class with their understanding of the history of chocolate. We also learnt where cocoa beans grow, which we explored further in our geography lessons.

Cardiff class have also loved exploring maths problems in their new maths teams and have been working hard the last couple of weeks on their times tables.

We are looking forward to the Spring term, where we will be moving on to our new topic all about Space.


Autumn 1 - Magical Circus

Circus Day!


Colchester Zoo Trip

Last Thursday (12th September) we had a very exciting trip to Colchester Zoo. The class enjoyed a workshop in the discovery centre where we learnt about a Fennec Fox and we helped them find a place to live. We found out that Fennec Foxes like to live in the desert! It was rather exciting to then see the fox as we went round the zoo.

We had such a good time visiting the animals. Some of our favourite animals were the penguins, monkeys, giraffes and elephants. We also got to see a lion and a tiger, but they were sleeping! It was also special to visit the ‘Australian Rainbows’, where we went through a tropical walk and the adults got to feed nectar to the colourful birds.

It was a wild day out!

Colchester Zoo Trip
Three Little Pigs