PE Information

Here at Eastbury Community Primary School, we value the rich and creative lessons we provide for our students, especially within PE.

From EYFS to the oldest children of our school in Year 4, we ensure that all children are able to participate in our Physical Education lessons and leave the sessions learning new skills and go home with a big smile on their face!

Throughout the year, all pupils access different parts of PE through each term. For our indoor lessons, pupils explore Dance and Gymnastics. These are infused with their topic theme to allow them to creatively form routines with the knowledge of what they have learnt in their every day lessons such as Literacy or Geography. 

For our outdoor sessions, pupils experience a range of Games and Athletics. This is helping us strive towards the formation of different ECS teams. For example, in 2018-2019, we were able to participate at Barking’s Broadway Theatre with our current Year 4’s performing their take of Alice in Wonderland from the Royal Opera House. We also had our own Athletics Team who competed with other schools in the borough!

We hope to carry this on in the future with your support :)

This current academic year brings us a range of exciting and fun lessons for our pupils throughout the entire school! Our PE team have worked incredibly hard to link our sports activities with the learning being carried out within the classrooms. You can click the Curriculum Map below to see what your child will be learning in their PE lessons for the whole academic year!

Year 1: Our Year 1 pupils are going to explore Fairytales through forms of dance, bringing forth ideas from their class to help with their movements and dance routines. This will be great fun to see come alive as our pupils will be able to develop their skills from Reception! Be on the watch out for any sneaky wolves crawling around your homes! 

Year 2: The Circus will be coming alive in Year 2 with our students producing dances that revolve around this topic! They will be exploring different acts within the Circus that they can use to form characters and develop their movements!

Their outdoor sessions will explore the idea of different invasion games to develop their skills and allow them to understand the idea of different rules and regulations depending on the game they are playing.

Year 3: In Year 3, pupils will be looking at Dance, through the idea of Volcanoes. This will enable pupils to explore key words related to Volcanoes (popping, shooting etc.), that will bring forth different movements and ideas to incorporate into their routines. 

Their outdoor session will follow pupils through Tag Rugby! Children will explore the different skills and rules that apply to this particular game before they work together in teams to beat their opponents in a match!

Year 4: Pupils in Year 4 will be exploring Ancient Egypt through a form of Dance, allowing them to link their learning from History into their routines. 
Their outdoor session is revolved around Basketball this term! This will be incredibly fun and engaging for our Year 4 pupils as they will be able to go against their classmates in basketball matches within their PE lessons, rather than having to wait for lunchtimes! 

Pupils are completely involved in our Daily Mile. Check the table below to see what day your child participates in this exciting activity!






All Classes​

8:45am ​

Year 1 ​

8:45am ​

Year 2​

8:45 am 

Year 3​

8:45 am​

Year 4 ​

8:45am ​

Please ensure your child brings in their PE kit for every lesson. If you are unsure of what ECS’ PE kit should look like, please click on the PE policy below. On days the class has PE, you can send your children into school in their PE kit and they can then stay in their PE kit all day, if you so wish. Please ensure, they still have their school jumper, a white t-shirt, black tracksuit bottoms and black trainers (we only insist on black trainers if the children are not getting changed for PE in school).

PE Information