Primary Curriculum

“With Values Education we are educating children to become thinking, confident, responsible and caring citizens.”

Julie Rees – Author of 'The Little Book of Values' Crown House (2009)

Our curriculum is a unique combination of Values based learning and National Curriculum (2014) content for Year 1 to Year 6. Our youngest pupils in Nursery and Reception also follow our Values programme integrated with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). We aim to teach our pupils to be global as well as local citizens and model and promote eco-friendly living. This year, we will think beyond our locality as we begin to teach ‘Philosophy for Kids’ and work towards a Healthy Schools Silver Award. We have also committed to support an orphanage in Zambia. For the academic year 2018-19, wellbeing will be integral to our young pupils’ school experience with enhanced PE provision and specialist input. We also place great importance on visitors coming in and visits out as these provide the ‘first- hand’ experience to further engage pupils.

As an ‘all through’ school we are able to enrich our pupils’ school experience with subject specialist teaching from our Secondary subject experts and cross-phase projects with Secondary students learning alongside our Primary pupils. PE sports leaders and Science Ambassadors visit the Primary School to model and support our KS 1 and Reception pupils.

The Core Subjects 

Please see the curriculum topic webs for more information. The following subjects are covered (Please click on the subject to read the National Curriculum programme of study):

Curriculum Delivery

When allocating pupils to our classes we always seek to create learning communities that are balanced and show an even mix with regard to:

Gender, Home Language, Ethnicity, Family groups, Friendship Groups and Prior Attainment.

In the EYFS, KS 1 and in KS2 we deliver learning to whole classes, small groups and on a 1:1 basis as is most appropriate and most effective for our learners.

We set for some ‘guided’ work in English (daily Guided Reading and regular Guided Writing groups) and also for daily Phonics sessions.  Our daily Maths lessons using the ‘Maths Mastery’ approach are a mix of short whole class sessions, mixed ability pair work and individual assignment work.