Secondary Curriculum
The total time spent on teaching each day is 5 hours (excluding break, lunchtime and registration times), totalling 25 hours per week.

Each Year Group is sub-divided into groups of 25 - 30 or less for teaching purposes. Students are grouped according to the needs of the individual subject.

The placement of each individual student is regularly reviewed and is changed when appropriate.

During KS3 students will study Art, Design Technology, Drama, English, French, Geography, History, Computer Science, Maths, Music, PE, PSHE, RE and Science

In KS4 students will study for GCSEs in English Literature, English Language and Mathematics and will choose further subjects for study to GCSE (or equivalent) from Combined Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, French, Geography, History, Art, Photography, Design Technology, 3D Design, Textiles, Hospitality and Catering, Drama, Music, PE, RE, Sociology and Psychology. Additionally all students will study PE, RE and PSHE.

Options Booklet 2019-2021

Curriculum Subjects