Dear Parents and Carers,
A very warm welcome to our York class web page. We are very excited to have started our new term in Year 1. Everyone has settled into our class rules and routines splendidly and we are enjoying all the new and exciting learning that is happening.
Our topic this term is Traditional Tales and attached is the curriculum map for you to look at. We are looking at stories like ‘Jack and the Beanstalk‘ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ 

Reading with your child is essential, please share their reading book with them or ‘bug club’ for 10 to 15 minutes a day.
In Maths we are focusing on number and place value this half term with lots of practical opportunities to explore addition and subtraction and sequencing of numbers up to 30.

The children will be working on the 2x table this term and aiming to achieve their bronze, Silver and Gold certificates of achievement. Please find time to practise these together at home.
In Science we will be exploring seasonal changes and describing the weather associated with each season. As the nights are drawing in we will be looking at how the day length varies. The children have already started their PE curriculum with outdoor games and dance. Please ensure they always have a PE kit at school. PE days are Monday and Wednesday’s.
The children in York class all have a class Dojo character which is a behaviour and reward system that they collect points for excellent work and effort.
A Letter will be coming home to invite you to join the dojo website where you can log in and input a class code to see how your child is progressing.
Finally, our York homework will go out every Friday to be returned the following Thursday. There will also be spellings sent home each Friday, with a test delivered in small groups on a Thursday.
Many thanks
Miss Fenn and Mrs Patel

Y1 Teaching SRE
Y1 Curriculum Map - Spring 1&2
Y1 Curriculum Map - Autumn 2
Y1 Curriculum Map - Autumn 1
Mad Scientist Day - March 2020
World Book Day - March 2020
York Number Day - February 2020

York class loved dressing up today for Number Day. We explored different shapes in our morning workshop and made lots of different patterns and designs. 

In the afternoon we took our Maths outside to the playground. We explored different things like making shapes, playing board games, measuring our shadows and seeing how many skips we could do in a minute. 
We have had so much fun today. 


Cooking Chinese - Chinese New Year Celebration

In 24th January York class cooked stir fry, noodles and rice with our teachers in the DT room to celebrate Chines New Year, . We then had the chance to try this alongside some yummy prawn crackers.

We also had a fortune cookie to try and read the message that was hidden inside. We had such a fun morning. 

PSHE/Science Experiment

Our PSHE/ Science experiment lesson was very fun! We got to see which potato had grown the most mould on. 

Our findings saw that the potato that our hands were rubbed on had a lot more mould on than we expected!

We now know the importance of washing our hands. We have designed posters and put them up in our bathroom to remind us all to wash our hands. 

York Class Year 1 - 1st Glockenspiel Lesson
Y1 Red Riding Hood Dance - October 2019

Year 1 have been working really hard this half term on Fairytales. We have created a dance piece using the ideas from Little Red Riding Hood. We started off as trees in the forest. We then turned into Red Riding Hood and went for a stroll but we were cautious that we could hear things behind us which is why we kept stopping to check. 

After this we took on the Big Bad Wolf Character where we travelled around the room in different directions and using different levels. 
Following on from this we did partner work with actions and reactions which can be seen as a battle between Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf - with a final celebration from the Little Red Riding Hood's in the finale piece of music.